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Independent Strategies

Knowing how to learn is an important part of the learning process. Unfortunately, the educational curriculum has placed little emphasis on teaching students how to learn. In contrast to this practice, each student is held accountable for his or her own learning. Independent Strategies for Efficient Study empowers the individual in the learning process by teaching simple, easy strategies that can be used to improve performance.

The strategies are designed to activate the individual and the program includes strategies for following directions, reading (textbooks, nonfiction and literature), writing, math, word problems, note-taking, advance organizers, time management, organization of materials, foreign language vocabulary development, proofing, memorization, spelling and test-taking. All the strategies produce review systems to support retention of learned information which is very important when taking exams or standardized tests, such as the Stanford Nine, the Educational Records Bureau or the SOLs.

Though students without any learning problems have used the strategies in the program to raise their grades, research has shown that this particular package of strategies resulted in significant improvement in actual classroom grades for students with attention problems, learning disabilities and underachievement.

The goal of the strategy training is to provide a base of general information about organizational techniques to support performance. Each strategy is designed to make the student do the same type of processing successful students do. Memory, attention, processing, organization and task completion are all supported through the use of strategies. After the models have been learned, the strategies need to be used, adapted and practiced until organized learning is an automatic response to academic work.

A Windows PC based software package is also available, which consists of a set of interactive software tools based on the Independent Strategies for Efficient Study learning program.

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